What is Discover?

Discover is an online database and search engine for content creators, freelancers, social media accounts and more. 


Paste in Social URL Links:

Go to any social media profile and paste a social URL link into the Discover search bar. For example, pasting in https://instagram.com/ninja will search and find the famous professional gamer's profile and metrics.

Keyword (Blue):

Use keywords to search general tags that will help you find creators. By default, these terms will look for creators that have this term in their usernames, display names, bio and or posts.

Location (Yellow):

Match the location tags to find creators who have made their locations public. Choose whether you want this term to be found in bio's, social posts, or both! For posts, you can adjust the time range for when these locations were tagged as well. 

Hashtag (Violet): 

These tags will look for creators that have used the #hashtags you enter into the search bar.

Mention (Green): 

Search for @handles that users have tagged in their posts.

Username (Pink): 

Typing in a username will search for exact usernames on respective social networks.


All filters on the left side navigation will narrow down creators in the table of results. 

Results Table:

After executing a Search on Discover you can cull through the Results table to find and learn about creators who want to be Discovered all over the web! 

Use quick links like the Platform Icons to easily go to creator profiles from the Results Table: