When can I cancel my Dovetale subscription?

All Dovetale subscriptions are paid monthly, so you can cancel your subscription at any time, whenever you would like to - no prior notice required.

How to cancel your Dovetale subscription

At any time, you can see your current Dovetale plan in the top right of the Dovetale platform on your Profile Icon > Account Settings > Subscriptions and billing.


you can use this link 

On your Subscriptions screen, you can click the "Remove Product" button at any time. By clicking this button, your Dovetale Subscription will not renew (or charge your method of payment) at the end of your billing cycle. 

Note: you must be the "Owner" of your Dovetale account, in order to cancel your subscription on Dovetale!

If you have questions about your subscription, please email us any time at support@dovetale.com