From time to time, you may notice disparities in audience data between the data seen for creator's estimated audiences on Dovetale, and the data shown on Instagram's app. It's important to know that these sources of data differ in measurement methods. 

Instagram Audience Data 

The data shown on the Instagram app is data that could show accounts reached, impressions, and impressions by day reflected by both paid and organic activity. Pertaining to Gender - Instagram shows the breakdown of male and female Followers for a creator's account.

Dovetale Engaged Audience Data

On Dovetale, you will see the estimated Engaged Audience Data for a creator's account. Engaged audience data is defined by Dovetale as the demographics data that is calculated using an approximation method for engaged users on Instagram content, as posted by a creator. This audience data is not calculated from an account’s followers and is not provided directly from Facebook/ Instagram's API. With that being said, we can sometimes see differences between comparing an influencer's data from Instagram Insights and the Estimated Engaged Audience data that is seen on Dovetale - Dovetale Engaged Audience data should be used as an approximation and is NOT an exact calculation.