The Info tab on profile cards is helpful for keeping private information and notes about accounts logged between you and your team members! When information on the contact card is updated by you or a team member, this information is NOT shared with any other companies and/ or teams that use Dovetale tools. 

There are two types of fields that can be seen in the contact card for all profiles on Dovetale:

  • Profile Fields
    • Profile fields are standardized fields that come with all contact cards. These fields cannot be deleted. These fields include the basic information that is applicable to all contacts such as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Address; to name a few.
  • Custom Fields
    • Custom fields can be created and added to all contact cards! These fields are created by you and/ or your team members
    • Custom fields can be deleted after they are created. However, it's important to know that if you delete a custom field, this will delete this field in ALL contact cards! Don't want to see this field on these profiles anymore? We often recommend 'hiding' these fields instead of deleting them! 

Have questions about contact cards and the info fields? Feel free to contact support@dovetale.com any time!