Shareable Lists are used to help you share Lists of creators with users who have not signed up to Dovetale! Lists can be Shared in 2 ways by going to any Lists you have and clicking on Share

  1. Sharing Lists as a Table
  2. Sharing Lists as a presentation in Slides

How does it work? 

1. Sharing Lists as a Table

  • Add Creators to your List that you'd like to share out to people who are not a part of your team.
  • Add columns to your List so you can later choose which columns you're interested in sharing.
  • Click the Share List button in the top right corner of your List
  • In the List Sharing settings, you will be able to customize the columns that you are sharing, so you can hide or show only the columns you want to be seen outside of your team/ organization. 
  • When you've chosen the columns you would like to share, you can make your shared List live! - See the screenshot below for how to turn List sharing ON or OFF.

2. Sharing Lists as a presentation in Slides:

To see an example of this sharable format, see this link 

  • Slides can be created for all creators in a List. This feature gives you complete control over sharing many different slides of creators that highlight key details about the accounts you're interested in! 
  • Sharing Slides can also help teams get feedback for prospects with a built-in feedback tool
  • Want to see a demo of List Slides? Please see this short video!

Have questions about Sharing Lists? Contact support@dovetale.com any time!