Columns are added to Lists. Columns help you create the workflow that is important to you and are similar to spreadsheets, but include a range of pre-defined column types that can help make your work with creators more efficient. 


What kinds of Columns can I add?

Custom Columns

  • Text - A custom text column that you can write in.
  • Number - A custom column that supports any number
  • Currency - A custom column for any dollar value ($)
  • Percentage - A custom column for displaying percentages (%)
  • Select - A column that allows you to create custom tags that can be used multiple times
  • Multi-Select - allows users to select multiple tags at a time
  • Checkbox - A small box that allows for one or more items to be selected

Platform Metrics (Smart Groups)

  • Platforms  - Displays all social network links owned by this the creator in a row
  • Summary - A summary of all the creators social network metrics
  • Instagram - A summary of Instagram Metrics for each creator row
  • Twitter - A summary of Twitter Metrics for each creator row
  • Facebook - A summary of Facebook Metrics for each creator row
  • YouTube - A summary of YouTube Metrics for each creator row
  • Twitch - A summary of Twitch Metrics for each creator row
  • Blog - A summary of Blog Metrics for each creator row

How can I use Lists to run Campaigns?

Creators can be added to Lists and campaign management can be executed by treating your List similar to a CRM to manage your relationships with creators (content creators, influencers, contractors, etc.). As outlined above in "What kinds of Columns can I add?", you can customize your entire workflow using Lists to create the best workflow for you and your team to manage your campaigns with creators. Please see the below for an example of a List being used to add a new creator, and update coupon code affiliate commission earned from a campaign!