Columns are added to Lists. Columns help you create the workflow that is important to you and are similar to spreadsheets, but include a range of pre-defined column types that can help make your work with creators more efficient. 


What kinds of Columns can I add?

Custom Columns

  • Text - A custom text column that you can write in.
  • Number - A custom column that supports any number
  • Currency - A custom column for any dollar value ($)
  • Percentage - A custom column for displaying percentages (%)
  • Select - A column that allows you to create custom tags that can be used multiple times
  • Multi-Select - allows users to select multiple tags at a time
  • Checkbox - A small box that allows for one or more items to be selected

Platform Metrics (Smart Groups)

  • Platforms  - Displays all social network links owned by this the creator in a row
  • Summary - A summary of all the creators social network metrics
  • Instagram - A summary of Instagram Metrics for each creator row
  • Twitter - A summary of Twitter Metrics for each creator row
  • Facebook - A summary of Facebook Metrics for each creator row
  • YouTube - A summary of YouTube Metrics for each creator row
  • Twitch - A summary of Twitch Metrics for each creator row
  • Blog - A summary of Blog Metrics for each creator row