Creating Auto-Reports on Dovetale is the fastest and easiest way to build content Reports on for the creator's you're working with. 

How it Works

You can create an Auto-Report from any Report that you've created on Dovetale. To get started with creating an Auto Report follow these steps: 

  1. First, you must create a List of influencers that you want to look for content from
  2. Once your List has been created, choose the Report you'd like to make into an Auto-Report, or Create a new Report.
  3. Once you're in your Report, click on the Auto-Report icon to get started making your Auto-Report and follow the Steps in the screenshot below!

Once pressing "Start" to create your Auto-Report, your Report will now pull in all the relevant content that matches the #hashtag and/ or @mention entered in Step 2 of creating the Auto-Report. The Auto-Report will continue to run for as long as the "Time Range" entered in Step 3!

IMPORTANT! Constraints:

On a Dovetale Pro Plan, you can run 1 active Auto-Report at a time. Additionally, the List of influencers can be no larger than 100 accounts total, for the List that is attached to any Auto-Report

What plan is Auto-Reports available on?

Auto-Reports is currently an Enterprise feature, but can also be added to your existing Dovetale Pro subscription as an add on feature. Have questions about how Auto-Reports can help save you time? Contact support@dovetale.com