What is Dovetale and why was I invited to sign up to this platform?

Businesses use the Dovetale platform to manage and scale their marketing efforts with creators. By connecting your respective social media platform account(s) on the Dovetale platform, you help the companies you work with more easily measure your content’s performance - This ultimately helps everyone to collaborate better! The data shared via linking your social media accounts is mainly for post/stories/video performance information.

What do Brands see if I join them as a Partner after receiving an invitation?

Only the Companies you've accepted to work with can see a high-level view of:

  1. Your partnership status together
  2. How long they've worked with you
  3. More easily request "Data Access" that has been safely shared with only the Company and Creator (you can revoke this access at any time and your data is still owned by you).

Disclaimer: When connecting any social account, Dovetale will never post on your behalf, nor does Dovetale have access to any login credentials to access your account. The data provided, when connecting an account, comes directly from the API's of each respective social network and Dovetale will never post on your social media accounts on your behalf.

Please see an example List of Partners for a Brand in the screenshot below: