The Creator Profile card on Dovetale can be opened by clicking on any creator name throughout the Dovetale platform. 

The Creator Profile card tells you more about you and your Brand's relationship with the creators by helping you learn more about their presence online, the content they post, what type of people engage with their content and personal details that can be kept as a record privately between you and your team! 

Learn more by clicking through the tabs that are available for each creator on the Dovetale platform: 

When using Community:

  • About (This is info provided to you and your team. Your team cannot edit this - this information can only be updated by the creator).
  • Metrics
  • Content

When using Discover or Lists:

  • Metrics
  • Content
  • Audience
  • Info - (completely private to you and your team!)
  • Data Access - Shows what accounts creators have connected in order to share Data with you and your team only.