As a creator, you may be invited to join Brands who use the Dovetale platform to manage their work with creative partners! This guide is meant to help you accept their invitations, sign up to Dovetale, and more easily work with your new brand partner :).

How accepting invites works (you may receive an invite in 1 of 2 ways):

Accepting an email invite:

1. You may receive an email invitation that will allow you to sign up and join the brand that has invited you. When you receive this invite, click on the button at the bottom of this email to accept your invite.

2. When you accept your invite to collaborate, you can make a Dovetale Profile:

  • Sign up with a new account 


  • If you already have an existing Dovetale account, please login

3. After creating your Dovetale Profile or Signing in to your existing one, you will have to verify that you own the social account that has been invited to join the brand on Dovetale - you can do this by connecting an account, then once your connect an account successfully, Accept your Invitation! 

  • Note: if you are connecting with Instagram, you will be redirected to Facebook first because Instagram is managed by Facebook for Instagram Professional Accounts (Instagram Business or Instagram Creator accounts with Insights!) Having trouble connecting your Instagram account? Please follow the steps in this guide to make sure your account is ready to connect —> Connecting an Instagram Professional Account (Creator or Business)
  • Additionally, at any time after you accept an invitation, you can go to Your Accounts and connect/ remove a social account from the platform! (Be aware! This will remove all data sharing you are doing with any of your Partners who you manage through the Dovetale platform)

Accepting an invite link: 

1. You may receive a unique link that will allow you to sign up and accept this invitation: 

  • These invite links are unique to you and the process works the same as steps 2-3 outlined above :).

If you have questions about accepting invitations to join brands as a Creator on Dovetale, contact support@dovetale.com