Dovetale Pages are built to help creators find your influencer programs and campaigns that you're running! Whether you're looking to run a campaign to launch your newest products, or simply to just have influencers show they are interested in working with you, Dovetale Pages can always be active to help you find and work with your biggest fans :). 

Setting up a Page:

1. Get started by creating a new Campaign on the Dovetale platform.

2. Once your "Campaign" is created, you can create your application Page, to make a Page for anyone to apply to. Simply go to the tab for "Creators" and set up/ configure the settings for your Application page:

3. Once your application Page is set up, you can copy this link to your application page, anywhere! Fans, customers, creators, and influencers from all over will be able to apply to work with your brand and as a brand, you'll be able to more easily manage and organize your new leads! The Page you create where people can apply may look something like this:  

Have questions about building Pages? Contact support@dovetale.com any time!