If you've created a List on Dovetale, you can do many things with the workflow that you've started creating! In addition to the work you can on the Dovetale platform, you can also Export a List at any time. 

1. Exports are currently available in CSV format only. To get started, start by going to any List that you'd like to export and click the dropdown (as shown in the screenshot below) to start exporting.

2. You can now configure what Columns you'd like to show in your CSV export. First, you must add any columns to your List to export them in a CSV file. 

  • When exporting your file, you can also choose to "Include Creator Fields". Checking this box will include all the information you've saved on the Creator Profile Card on the Info Tab including things like Creator Name, Email, and any other fields you've created. 

3. When you're ready to export your List, simply click on Download Now.

If you have any other questions about Exporting Lists of accounts, please contact support@dovetale.com