Connecting your Email on Dovetale

To get started emailing prospects and contacts on the Dovetale platform, you'll need to connect your email.

  1. Head over to the Integration Settings on Dovetale 
  2. Now connect your email and follow the steps provided
  3. Once you've connected your email account, you can now click on "Contact" for any prospects with a suggested email address to send an email to this contact. 


You can think of the Dovetale platform and your Lists of curated influencers, like your CRM for creative marketing. On Dovetale, you are able to email prospects and partners directly using the emails that are "Suggested by Dovetale" OR with the emails that you have curated and managed over the years by using the Info Fields on the Creator Card!

Tracking Emails in Lists

The Email integration feature is also more powerful on Dovetale when tracking reach out to creators in a List! You can keep track of the dates for when creators were last contacted through the platform, as well as see if the status of the email (ie. if the email was opened or successfully sent for example. 

Email Statuses

  • Message Pending - Your message is processing and waiting to be sent at an optimal time to the creator! (If this is pending for longer than a few hours, please contact support)
  • Message Sent - Your message has been sent to the creator
  • Message Opened - Your message has been opened by the creator in their email inbox
  • Message Link Clicked - If you entered a clickable link in your email, this status will show you if this link has been clicked

Sending an email to multiple creators at once

When emailing creators, the Dovetale platform only enables teams to email creators individually. Want to send multiple creators an email? Here's how you can do this:

  1. Make a List of creators
  2. Export this list and include the creator fields
  3. You can then import this List of emails that come in your CSV export into an email service like Mailchimp to send out the same email to many creators at once with the suggested emails provided!

If you have questions about using our Email Integration, please contact any time!