Shared Lists can be used to ask clients for feedback on the creators/ influencers that you'd like to collaborate with. First, create a List and add columns to the List that you'd like to show the client. Your List may look something like the below example:

Pro Tip: When creating the columns that you'd like to have your clients give feedback in, rename the column title to something like "Notes from [insert client name]" - this way, the client will know what columns to give their feedback in!

Your List is now ready to share with clients for feedback and review! Click on Share List, then select the "Custom Columns" that you'd like your client to have edit access too (see the screenshot below) and choose any others you'd like the client to see. 

Once you've configured the settings for your Shared List and you have set the status of the columns you'd like your clients to "edit", you can turn List sharing ON. Your List is now active and your client will be able to add their feedback to your List of Creators.

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Have questions about sharing Lists with clients for feedback and review? Contact support@dovetale.com