Private workspaces were built to allow Team Members to privately work on multiple projects at the same time while maintaining the organization they require for the work they do with creators. Workspaces also help ensure teams that Work divided across different clients or parts of their organization remains private to only the Team Members in each Workspace.

Why would I use different private Workspaces and how would I use them?

Private workspaces can be used for a variety of reasons depending on how you like to manage your work. Some ways we've seen customers utilize these Workspaces include: 

  • Manage mulitple Shopify stores? 
    • You can set up multiple Workspaces and connect your stores separately so you can easily manage what Team Members are working on your marketing programs, for each store individually, without overlap in how information is being shared between your teams. 
  • Work at an Agency and manage multiple clients? 
    • Agencies can now set up and use multiple private Workspaces to manage client programs and data amongst their teams. Create private Lists and Reports to share with clients and invite the team members who should only have access to one or multiple of the clients that your agency works with! 

How can I get a new private Workspace on Dovetale?

New Workspaces can be added to your Dovetale account at any time. Contact support@dovetale.com to get set up! 

If you have any other questions about Workspaces? Feel free to contact support@dovetale.com