Yes, you can! 

Assigning a Task to an individual creator can be accomplished in a couple of ways! 

1. Creating a Task when you've selected a creator:

You can assign the same Tasks to multiple creators, or create new ones for each individual creator. To create an individual Task for a Creator, you can: 

  1. Select the creator you'd like to create a Task for
  2. Add a New Task to this creator's personal Task List
  3. Once you create this Task, you will also be able to see the Task you've created in your master All Tasks List. See the screenshot below.

2. Create a Task in the All Tasks overview and assign this Task to the individual creators

If a Task is created (whether for an individual creator or just as a general Task in All Tasks), the Task will be seen in the All Tasks overview. From here, you can choose the Task that's been created (or a Task that's previously been created during the Campaign. 

On the All Tasks overview, Tasks can also be created as a New Task and assigned to creators in a couple of ways: 

  1. Choose the Task you'd like to create and send to creators, then automatically assign this Task to any creator who you accept to your Campaign. 
  2. Manually assign this Task to 1 or more creators of your choosing (See the quick video below on how to create a Task and assign it manually to individual creators of your choice).

If you have more questions about creating Tasks or the Campaigns feature, check out our Feature Overviews & Tutorials guide or reach out to