Congratulations on your new partnerships! To help you work better with your partners on our platform, we believe in providing full transparency when sharing a partnership. When you partner with companies on the platform and accept invitations, you can easily, and safely share your account posts and insights from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Connecting My Instagram Professional Account

When connecting an Instagram Professional Account (Creator or Business Account), you will be taken through a connection flow on Facebook.com. As a Facebook partner, our platform allows you to securely and safely connect your Instagram Professional Account and/ or Facebook account through the Facebook platform.

  • Note: When connecting an Instagram account, you will be redirected to Facebook first because Instagram is managed by Facebook for Instagram Professional Accounts (Instagram Business or Instagram Creator accounts with Insights). Additionally, at any time after you accept an invitation, you can go to Your Accounts and connect or remove a social account from the platform! (This will remove or grant data sharing access with your Partners).

When connecting my Instagram Professional Account (Creator or Business Account), what do my partners see?

During the connection process, you can share your data safely and securely with your partners through Dovetale - although, you may have some questions about what access and data your Partners receive when you do this! Please read below for more details on sharing data from social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc, with your Partners on the platform. 

  • How Brands & Dovetale CANNOT use these permissions:
    • Brands & Dovetale can not post on your behalf
    • Brands & Dovetale are not able to make any changes to your accounts
    • Brands & Dovetale do not have access to any of your personal message or Direct Messages (DM's)
    • Brands & Dovetale do not have any access to your personal and or login information (Usernames & passwords)

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If you have any questions about connecting your accounts to share data with your new partners, feel free to contact us anytime at support@dovetale.com.