Learning More About Creators in a Shared List

1. View creator social summary metrics, view platform growth, use the tabs in the Creator Profile Card to view content and view audience details. See the screenshot below for how you can access additional creator details by opening any creator's Profile Card.

2. If the list is wider than the width of your screen - scroll right to reveal more columns that this shared List may have! 

Editing Columns in a Shared List to give feedback

In a Shared List, you can edit some columns that the List creator has made for you! To use editable columns in a List, you can click into a text field, checkbox, etc. that the 'List sharer' has made 'editable'. To learn more about editable columns, you can watch this short video from the time below:

Editing cells in a Shared List

Have questions about Shared Lists? Feel free to message the contact that shared this List with you!