Running Communties is extremely helpful for Inviting creators to work with you, having them apply to join your Community, vetting applications, sending affiliate offers, and so much more. You may be wondering through this entire process, what Creators see when they sign up to the platform! Please see the short gif below that shows a creator account and what information they'll see about your brand and some more details if you've sent them affiliate offers, discount codes and/ or gifts.

What creators see after submitting the application:
  • Until they are accepted to your community, creators will see nothing about the community or any details you've outlined.
What creators see when you accept them to a Campaign:
  • Your Account name
  • Your Logo
  • Their own social handles and account details
  • Your community contact details
  • Any affiliate earnings
  • Any Gifts you may have sent to them

Have more questions? Contact support@dovetale.com any time.