Running Campaigns is extremely helpful for Inviting creators to work with you, having them apply to join your Campaigns, vetting applications, assigning tasks, and so much more. You may be wondering through this entire process, what Creators see when they sign up to the platform! Please see the short gif below that shows a creator account and what information they'll see about your brand and the Campaign(s) you invite them too!

What influencer's see after submitting the application:
  • Until they are accepted to your Campaign, creators will see nothing about the Campaign or any details you've outlined (these details can be seen in more detail in the section below!)
What influencer's see when you accept them to a Campaign:
  • Your Account name (Influencer's Platform)
  • Your Logo
  • The date this creator accepted to be a Partner with your brand
  • Your website (if you've provided it)
  • The Campaign name and description you've set up for your Campaign
  • The Tasks for each Campaign that you've assigned them

Have more questions about what Creators see about your brand and the Campaigns you invite them too? Contact support@dovetale.com any time!