This feature is currently available for Shopify Stores only! 


Affiliate marketing can be a powerful way to engage influencers and create a win-win for both. Dovetale's affiliate marketing capability allows merchants on Shopify to create Campaigns with unique tracking links for publishers/ influencers/ ambassadors and more. Here you can track conversions, sales, affiliate revenues, and more.

Some ideas that work well for affiliate marketing for merchants on Shopify include:

  • Linking to products in YouTube descriptions. Review content or unboxing videos work great!
  • Swipe ups on Instagram can send consumers directly to product pages for them to purchase
  • Long-form blog content allows publishers to link to products
  • Links to products in TikTok videos

How To Setup An Affiliate Campaign

  1. Connect your Shopify Store:
  2. Create a new Campaign
    • You can choose to Skip all of the steps except for the title of the Campaign. You can revisit these settings later.
  3. Invite Creators to your Campaign 
  4. Create a new affiliate offer:
  5. Copy the affiliate link and send to the influencer via email/ DM:
  6. Create a new Task for influencers to post their affiliate link such as a swipe up, link in bio, post as a hyperlink on their blogs, in their YouTube description or any other place for consumers to click.
  7. Track your sales and conversions: 
  8. Payout affiliate commissions on PayPal

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