This guide will help outline how tracking referrals for creators who drive sales using referral links generated on the Dovetale platform.

How it works:

  1. When you connect your Shopify store and provide permissions for “Script Management”, we automatically install the Dovetale tracking script on your storefront. You can see the script in the head of your website’s html document if you inspect the source and it will look like this:
    <script type="text/javascript" async="" src="https://dttrk.com/shopify/track.js?shop=store_name"></script>

  2. To start tracking referrals, you create a referral link for each individual creator in the Affiliates tab of the campaign using “Create an affiliate offer”
  3. Referral links are created with a dt_id parameter on the end that we use to uniquely associate visits/conversions with an individual offer. For example - https://storename.com?dt_id=123
  4. When someone visits the referral link for a specific creator the Dovetale tracking script on your site will run and notice the dt_id parameter in the link. The script will then hit our backend to track the visit/conversion and associate it to the referral link and creator that drove the visit/conversion.

For tracking conversions:
  • How are links tracked? 
  • Dovetale tracks “the last visit” attribution instead of “the first visit”. So if, for example, a customer used creator A’s link 45 days ago and then that same customer used creator B’s link 10 days ago, a conversion today would be attributed to creator B :).