Reviewing content for Campaign content submissions can be quite cumbersome when sending individual links for every creator. When sending these pieces of content to clients, sending many links can be overwhelming for clients to have to review, so please see the process below that can help clients to work through giving content feedback easier!

For speed and efficiency, we'd suggestion opening a 2nd tab in your browser and navigate to your Campaign List in the Lists feature. On another Tab, navigate to your Campaign

  1. First, go to your Lists tab and open your Campaign List that you'd like your client to review content for.
  2. On this List, add a new column and make it a 'checkbox column' by clicking the title of the column and choosing the type as 'checkbox' - you can also name this column "Client: Review Complete" (this will be for your client to review)
  3. Now, let's make a second new column in your List for "Client: Content Link for Review". This can be created as a "Text" column and this will be used for the client to access the link of the content that you'd like them to review for the Campaign.
  4. Once these columns are set up, you can now click on the purple "Share" button on the top right of the table. You can then choose to "Share as table". Configure the columns that you'd like to share by selecting the two columns we just created to share the links with your clients and for them to use the workflow of checking off what they've reviewed - make sure to change the permissions so that the client 'can edit' the Client: Review Complete (checkbox) column. You can leave the Client: Content Link for Review column as "Can View Only".
  5. When you're done configuring this, turn your public link sharing on and copy the link to your Shared List - We've made an example that you can see here: Shared List Example
  6. Lastly, now we simply have to add these links into the Client: Content Link for Review column in your List! To do this, navigate to your Campaign and select your content submission task in the Tasks tab of your Campaign. 
  7. Here, you can see all the creators ata glance in your Campaign that have submitted their content for this Content Submission Task. Select a creator's submission to view this for a single creator and you'll see the 'External Feedback' button
  8. Once you click this 'External Feedback' button, you'll be brought to the area where your clients can leave feedback without being on Dovetale (this is for 1 content submission), so we can copy the unique link to this content submission.
  9. Once you've copied this unique link, that looks something like this: you can then find this creator in your Campaign List on the List Tab we had set up from steps one (1) through five (5). Take this link and add it to the respective cell in the row that matches your creator.
  10. Repeat adding the unique feedback links for all creators in your List who have submitted content in the Content Submission Task in your Campaign to fill out the Client: Content Link for Review column in your List. 
  11. When you're finished, now instead of sending many content review links to your clients, you can send one Shared table List of all your feedback links to help your clients stay more organized when giving feedback :). 

Have questions? Feel free to contact any time!