Dovetale has partnered with TikTok to offer several functionalities to customers looking to work with creators.


Dovetale subscribers can search a growing database of TikTok creators using Keywords, Hashtags, Mentions, and directly via Username.


Filters make it easy to find social media creators across the TikTok network. The available filters are:

  • Follower Range
  • Total Likes
  • Average Engagement
  • Average Likes
  • Average Comments
  • Average Shares
  • Average Views


Content Review

Dovetale subscribers can take advantage of content review Tasks inside of the platform to make collaboration easier.


Dovetale supports manual reporting for TikTok. Automated reporting via hashtag and demographic insights are expected to be developed in 2022.

Performance Media

All performance based media will be directly coordinated via the TikTok Creator Marketplace.